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When investing your money, you basically take a risk to get higher returns over a long term and there is no guarantee that you will get the money you have invested back. There are many different types of investment, and certain risks associated with them, so before deciding on an investment, you will have to research all your options, and consider your financial situation. Most of the financial services in the UK have to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so if you need investment advice we recommend that you get financial guidance from an authorised firm.

If you need professional investment advice, Quigley & Partners Ltd, an FCA authorised financial firm can guide you through the investment process.


What to Consider Before Choosing an Investment

  • You will have to consider and research different types of investment options to be able to make an informed decision.
  • Are you willing to take risks?
  • How much can you invest?
  • What is your desired investment outcome? - Do you want your investment to provide regular income or capital growth?
  • Can you afford to invest your money on a long term basis?
  • Can you afford to lose part or all of your investment capital if things don't turn out as expected?
  • Are you looking for a long term or a relatively short term investment?
  • Are you fully aware of any additional costs, like fees and taxes?
  • Do you want to make the investment decisions or do you want a fund manager to take care of your investment?


Types of Investments

There are many kinds of investments, and based on your financial situation, the money you want to invest and the risks you are willing to take, you will have to think carefully about which investment to choose.

There are three main asset classes (property, shares, and bonds) you can choose to invest in. You can also choose a pooled investment, which means that you will be pooling your money with money from other investors, sharing risks and profits as well.

Property Investment – The property investment market offers a variety of investment options. You can invest in commercial or residential property, choose a buy to let property, or invest in a property fund. You can choose to invest in the UK or in the overseas property market. Property investments are usually long term investments, though property flipping for example presents a short term alternative. Property investment always presents risks, and you are never guaranteed a return on your investment.

Shares – Shares can be bought as part of a pooled investment, or directly, from the stock market. When buying shares in company, you are effectively buying part of the company, which means that as the value of the company increases over time, the value of your shares will also go up. Shares are however possibly the riskiest investments, as your investment will solely depend on how the company performs in the future. This will be influenced by many factors, economic conditions and the stock market for example. Shares work well as long or medium term investments, and you should always be aiming for a diversified portfolio to spread out your risks.

Bonds – A bond is a loan to a company, government, or local authority and ensures a regular income in the form of interest until the loan is repaid. Bonds are less risky than shares, and will normally provide a stable income every payment period. One main risk factor is that the company cannot pay the interest or the loan back at the end of the term. Bonds issued by governments are considered less risky but will also pay a lower rate of interest. You can also base your decision on a company's credit rating. A company with a high credit rating will be safer than a company with a lower credit rating, though the interest rate they offer will also probably be lower.

These are just some of the main investment types you can choose from. When considering your investment options you will not only have to take your financial situation into account, but you should also aim at diversification. By investing in a wide range of investments, you will be able to minimise risks.


Why should you invest your money through Quigley & Partner?

  • We specialise in investment advice for individuals with over £100,000, although we are pleased to offer guidance for smaller amounts.
  • We are fee-only, so you can be sure that what we recommend is selected for you and not to line our pockets.
  • We see ourselves as strategic planners and only advise after carefully considering what you hope to achieve with your money.
  • Your experience and appetite for risk are carefully evaluated before we recommend anything.
  • Generally we encourage clients to engage discretionary managers within the products we recommend (where possible), so for a SIPP , for example, we would suggest engaging a fund manager with whom we would work to create a bespoke retirement solution for you.
  • We give advice on funds totalling over £30 million already so you are in good company.
  • In cases where we are asked to recommend specific funds we do so only after carefully vetting and we keep our panel of recommended funds under review.
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