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Finding a suitable and reliable financial advisor can often be a challenge for both start-up companies and established businesses. Quigley & Partners is an FCA authorised financial firm, offering a wide range of corporate financial services. We specialise in helping new companies establish employee benefit schemes, can help with recruitment and retention, and we can review established employee benefit schemes to ensure that they are competitively priced and meet your staff's needs.



Financial Advice for Start Up Businesses

Business Protection

Start up businesses need to balance expenditure against income very carefully in the early days. We work with companies that are looking to grow to put in place financial protection at the right time. Initially, you may simply need some help with a shareholder or partnership agreement and some protection for your business should one of your directors or partners fall ill or die. Business protection is crucial for any start up business and will reduce the financial impact of death or critical illness affecting key people within your business. Insuring your business against this is the safest way to plan for your business. Whether you need partnership or shareholder protection, keyperson protection or business loan protection, Quigley & Partners can give you comprehensive financial advice.


Employee Benefits

As your company grows, you will need to attract and retain high-quality staff. Recruitment fees are not cheap and it is always better to keep a good employee by giving them a package they value, rather than paying additional recruitment fees. As an employer, you will thus want to offer your employees benefits that they value, and benefits that are tax-efficient for both you and your employees. You will also have to suit your employee benefit schemes to both younger and older employees. While older employees will be more interested in pension schemes and retirement planning, younger employees will be more concerned with protecting their monthly income and their family. Quigley & Partners can give you financial advice on a range of employee benefit schemes, such as pensions, income protection, and critical illness cover.



Existing Business with Employee Benefit Schemes

It is crucial for your business to regularly review your employee benefit schemes. Employee benefit schemes can enable you to achieve better employee retention and can make your business much more cost-effective as well.


Review Your Employee Benefit Schemes

  • If they include what your staff actually want?
  • If the price is competitive?
  • If the benefits are what you think they are?
  • Are you paying for these benefits at the right time in your financial year?
  • If you have financial advisers, what are they doing for you?

Never use financial advisers that are not specialists in corporate financial planning, as this could create unnecessary risks for your business. Quigley & Partners can offer you expert corporate financial advice, and in the majority of the cases, we are able to provide the benefits that the employer and the employees want at a lower cost than you are currently paying.


Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

While a shareholder or partnership agreement might seem unnecessary in the early days of the business, it it always crucial to have an agreement in place that regulates how the business is to be run. Even if you already have an agreement, it is important to review it regularly and to make sure that you understand what it means. Many partnership or shareholder agreements might contain obligations which a company may not have the funds to meet, for example on retirement or on death of a shareholder or a member. Quigley & Partners can not only give you expert financial advice, but we can also refer you to one of the law firms we work with.

Independant Financial Advisor

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